EQOS - Educational Quality Open Software

Even small VET institutions have a complex organisational structure and quality is generally produced in all parts of the institution, although some parts are more important for producing quality than others. EQOS is planned for supporting the work and collaboration of Quality Assurance inside the school, and help teachers in lesson planning and in improving his/her teaching methods by continuous self-reflection.

Source: Cedefop
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The principle of the PDCA quality cycle is easy to understand, because it applies instinctively in everyday life. However, it is the systematic, continuous and regular use of the cycle that makes the difference when establishing a quality framework.

EQOS (Educational Quality Open System) aims to support the work of teachers, quality representatives and institutional managers, by offering a wide range of functions such as:

  • creating basic QM documents (vision, mission and quality policy)
  • strategic planning with related action plans
  • creating processes
  • lesson planning
  • evaluations
  • knowledge repository
  • forum discussions.