Lesson Planner

By using the "Lesson Planner" function, the teachers put together the lesson plan with drag&drop technics, as they have all information at-hand, provided by the information stored in the taxonomies. 

Lesson planner with drag and drop

One of the main modules of OpenQAsS Toolkit is the module for ‘Lesson Planning’. It enables VET teachers to: 

  • create lesson plans according the requirements of the standard curricula; 
  • share them with other teachers of the school; 
  • reuse their own lesson plans, and ones shared by other teachers; 
  • upload digital learning materias for use and reuse in the classroom, for sharing with others, and for reuse in subsequent semesters; 
  • evaluate the lesson – self-evaluation; 
  •  peer evaluation – evaluation of lesson plans from other teachers. 

Why is this an important factor for Quality? It is a tool for self-reflection and for peer evaluation among teachers, and it contributes to the continuous improvement of the professional and pedagogical work of the teachers.