You can download the EQOS User Guide HERE!


The main menu includes the functions as follows: Repository, Forum, Taxonomy, Evaluation, Lesson planner, QMS, Calendar.





For storing, sharing digital object.

The teachers can upload their own teaching, learning materials in a variety of digital formats, and can attach them to their lesson plans.

Discussion among the teachers of the school.

Supporting inside collaboration, knowledge sharing among the staff members.

A database of the standard curriculum and lesson planning terms.

Collection of questionnaires for evaluation the teaching process at different level (institution, teachers school manager, students, etc.

Lesson planner




The teachers put together the lesson plan with drag&drop technics, as she/he has all information at-hand.

Supporting creating, editing and sharing QMS documents, strategic planning, and describing processes.

In the calendar the deadlines defined in the QMS Action plans are stored automatically.  Good tool of the Quality Managers.

The platform is very is very user-friendly. Here the teachers find a guide to do the first steps.